OSHA Required Silica Surveillance

OSHA’s new crystalline silica standards require medical surveillance (screening) of employees working with and around crystalline silica within 30 days of employment and at least every 3 years afterward.

These exams must be performed by a duly licensed health care professional, and must include:

1) Medical and work history that focuses on past, present, and anticipated exposure to respirable crystalline silica, other occupational dusts, respiratory system history, smoking history, and history of tuberculosis

2) Physical exam focusing on the respiratory system

3) Chest x-ray with ILO “B”-reading by a NIOSH-certified  “B”-reader

4) Spirometry test by NIOSH-certified technician


5) Test for latent tuberculosis

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We also offer stand-alone “B”-reading for organizations which obtain chest x-rays elsewhere.